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As a licensed camp under the Israeli Ministry of Education, Camp Dror is obligated to follow all testing and quarantine regulations as set by the government. These rules change often. Camp Dror cannot tell parents what the obligations regarding testing and quarantine are until close to the start of camp. As per current regulations, campers do not need to be vaccinated to join, but will most likely be required to have proof of a negative PCR or antigen test before the start of camp. Camp Dror reserves the right to administer PCR/antigen tests to campers during camp as needed.


Campers who wish to use the laundry service – please mark your garments clearly with the camper’s name and bring money for laundry services. The cost of 1 kilo laundry is 30 NIS.

If your camper prefers to wash the clothes manually, please bring detergent. If necessary, the counselors will instruct and assist the campers with the laundry.


We provide transportation to and from Camp Dror from various regions in Israel at no extra cost. More information about the exact bus station and times will be published as July 5th approaches.

Transportation To Camp Dror

We provide transportation to and from Camp Dror from various regions in Israel at no extra cost. More information about the exact bus station and times will be published as the beginning of camp approaches.


Camp Dror provides personal accident insurance and compulsory insurance for all campers.
Campers who live abroad and are interested in purchasing medical insurance for their period of stay in camp are invited to contact the office:

Visiting Day

There is no formal visiting day. Please bear in mind that visits to camp disrupt the activities and the camper’s day. That being said, if there are parents who want to visit the camp, this can only be done with arrangements made in advance through the office. Visits must be limited to days the campers are on campus and are limited to one hour of time maximum.


Your child’s health is important to us. The camp staff includes skilled professional first aid personnel available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Medical clinics are located near the camp if necessary.

Rules And Regulations

Children are expected to adhere to the camp rules and regulations. Appropriate behavior is required at all times. In the event that a camper’s actions are deemed inappropriate, the camp reserves the right to suspend his/her participation in specific activities or for the remaining duration of the camp. In such cases, there will be no monetary refund.

Mobile Phones Usage Policy

In order to provide a unique camp experience and fun for the campers, Camp Dror has successfully led a policy regarding the use of cell phones for several years. On the first day of camp all cellphones will be collected and safeguarded by the camp staff. On Fridays, campers will receive their cellphones for a few hours in order to call family and friends before Shabbat. In the event of an emergency, campers will be contacted with the assistance of the camp staff. The camp directors are always available. In addition, you can contact the camp’s Project Director at 050-202-2085. Please do not send additional cellphones with your child to be used secretly.


We know how important it is for you to be in contact with your children throughout the summer and we are happy to provide an e-mail service. Throughout the summer you can e-mail OR, entering your child’s name and grade into the subject line and s/he will receive your e-mail in camp. Emails to the campers will be distributed every 3 days, please do not send emails more frequently.
Please do not send any photos. They will not be printed.

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