Camp Program

The Program

Camp Dror is a Jewish Orthodox sleepaway camp for youth from Israel and abroad entering grades 5 – 9. The camp spans two and a half weeks. There is also The Camp Dror Leadership Program for youth entering grades 10 and 11 and just graduating 11th ( for more information about the Leadership Program click here). The boys camp is situated in Hispin and the girls camp in Moshav Keshet, both in the beautiful Golan Heights. Deepening Jewish identity through learning is an integral part of Camp Dror. The campers develop a strong connection to Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael by touring our country and through the activities during camp.

We aim to inspire and instill Jewish values that will remain with the campers long after the culmination of their camp experience. The camp promotes self-development, learning Jewish texts, and Jewish enrichment, as well as strengthening the connection to the Land of Israel through exploring nature and volunteering in the community. Each of the camps have a dining hall that provides a variety of nutritious Kosher Lemehadrin meals.

A day on campus includes

Color War
Arts & Crafts
Learning Groups
Chugim Drama, basketball & more
Night Activities
Special Workshops First aidArts & CraftsCookingMartial ArtsOutdoor Training
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