Since its establishment in 1995 by OU Israel and NCSY, Camp Dror, a two and a half week Orthodox Jewish sleepaway camp for youngsters entering grades 5 – 12, has provided hundreds of boys and girls from Israel and around the world with a unique combination of summer fun, Zionism and Torah learning. Located in Israel’s majestic north, Camp Dror offers a wide array of activities, including hiking, kayaking, learning, Chesed projects, swimming, sports, arts and crafts, and more. The boys’ camp is located in Hispin, and the girls’ camp in Moshav Keshet, both in the beautiful Golan Heights.

Our mature and experienced staff creates a warm atmosphere in which deep and lasting relationships with the campers and between the campers flourish. The easygoing and open atmosphere allows campers to grow, each in their own unique way, while meeting new friends from diverse backgrounds including Hebrew- speaking Israelis, English-speaking Israelis, and youth from all over the world. While they enjoy all the fun of a summer sleepaway camp, our campers also learn about themselves, their heritage and homeland, and about other Jewish communities and traditions. Camp Dror: A Summer Experience like No Other.

Camp Administration

Executive Director, OU Israel Youth Programs
Chaim Pelzner

Chaim has been the Director of Camp Dror since 2005 and has extensive experience in both formal and informal education. Chaim holds a Master’s Degree in Education from Bar Ilan University. He lives with his wife and five children in Shaarei Tikvah.

Camp Director
Cindy Wiesel

Cindy joined Camp Dror in 2019. She has a Master’s Degree from Bank Street School of Education. She made aliya in 2015 from Bergenfield, NJ, where she worked as a teacher for over 25 years. A mother of five, Cindy resides in Efrat with her husband and children.