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Registration Information

Camp Dror is one of the first summer camps in the State of Israel, a camp with a tradition of excellence and affection for the Torah, the people, and the land. Since its establishment in 1995, Camp Dror the OU Israel summer sleep-away camp has provided a religious and values-based environment during the summer for immigrant youth from Anglo-Saxon countries, Israeli born campers, and Jewish youth from around the world.

The Camp Dror program has two programs – the lower camp- Camp Dror, and the upper camp- the Fagin Leadership Program. Camp Dror is for campers entering fifth – ninth grades. The Fagin Leadership Program (Manhigut) is for campers entering grades ten and eleven.

On the first day of camp, Camp Dror campers will meet at a central meeting point, go on a tiyul as separate campuses, and arrive in the early evening to their respective campuses. The Fagin Leadership Program (Manhigut) begins their session with three days (2 nights) in Jerusalem. On the third day they travel to their respective campuses and engage in the full camp program of Camp Dror.


Camp Dror Early Bird 7400 shekels

Fagin Manhigut Early Bird 7590 shekels

Early Bird Ends March 28, 2024

Camp Dror 8000 shekels

Fagin Manhigut- 8200 shekels

Sibling Price (after March 28) 7600 shekels

How to Register for the first time

To register your child for Camp Dror/Fagin Manhigut you must create a family account.

You will need to use an email address that will be the “official” family email address to which all camp correspondence will be sent. (You can add an additional email address by sending a request to the camp email).

After creating the account it will need to be approved. Accounts are typically approved fairly quickly.

If you have not been approved within two days, please contact the camp office via email or Whatsapp.

Once your family account has been approved, you will need to add all the family information including home address, parent contact information, nusach of tefillah, and emergency contact information

You will need to create a camper profile for each of your campers

Once the camper profile has been added to your family account, you will be able to add an application for that camper

Returning Camp Dror Families

Log in to your existing family account. You can reset the password if you’ve forgotten it.

If you know your children attended Camp Dror previously (since 2020), but do not remember your account information, please email the camp office to get the account information

Edit any information in the family account that may have changed.

Add more camper profiles to your family and add their applications or add new applications for existing campers


July 9 -25, 2024

Manhigut will begin their session in Jerusalem. They will spend three days there and travel up to camp on the third day.

Important Staff Dates:
Staff Shabbaton – March 29 -30, 2024
Staff Training in Jerusalem- July 3 and 4

Refund Policy

Cancellation Policy:

• Cancellation on or before MAY 1st, will receive a full refund less the 250 NIS registration fee

•  Cancellation after May 1st but before June 30th will receive a full refund less a 1,500 NIS cancellation fee (this includes the 250 registration fee)

•  There are no refunds for cancellations for any reason submitted after July 1st.

•  In case of a short absence from the camp for any reason, up to three days, no refund will be given

In the case where camp is cancelled for any reason:

Parents are entitled to a full refund, less the 250 shekels registration fee.

Alternatively, if more than 250 shekels registration fee has been paid for the current year, the registration can be frozen for the next season at the same price as the current year and the payments will go toward next year.

If the registration is canceled before the following May 1st, a full refund will be granted, less the 250 shekels registration fee.

Please note: Camp tuition must be paid in full prior to June 28th. Your child’s spot in Camp Dror is assured only upon receiving confirmation by email that all the forms were submitted and that the camp’s tuition was fully arranged. There is no refund for a child sent home because of discipline problems, or due to medical issues that were not fully and properly disclosed, or medical issues that began during camp, or if the child chooses to leave camp for any reason.

Registration is Closed