Parents FAQ

covid -19

As a licensed camp under the Israeli Ministry of Education, Camp Dror is obligated to follow all testing and quarantine regulations as set by the government. These rules change often. Camp Dror cannot tell parents what the obligations regarding testing and quarantine are until close to the start of camp. As per current regulations, campers do not need to be vaccinated to join, but will most likely be required to have proof of a negative PCR or antigen test before the start of camp. Camp Dror reserves the right to administer PCR/antigen tests to campers during camp as needed.

Why Camp Dror?

Camp Dror will provide a unique and rich experience for your children combined with great fun. Campers meet with youth from all over the country and the world and create a special relationship with the staff. Camp Dror is the perfect combination of values, personal development and fun.

What is the cancellation policy?

In case of cancellation before June 1st – you will receive a full refund except for the 250 NIS registration fee. In case of cancellation between June 1st and June 30th – you will receive a full refund except for 1,500 NIS cancellation fee.In the event of cancellation for any reason after July 1th – there will be no refund and full tuition will be charged.

What is the camp’s Kashrut?

The camp’s food is Kosher LeMehadrin

What if my child has specific dietary instructions or any food allergies?

We have years of successful experience respecting and satisfying any special dietary requirements (such as celiac, sensitivity to glucose, peanut allergies, veganism, vegetarianism, etc.). Please indicate this in the space provided on the Registration Form in order for us to plan and provide for your child.

Until when can I register?

You can register for Camp Dror until June 7, 2022 (subject to availability), but we recommend that you register as soon as possible in order to get the early registration discount.

Should I send bedding?

There is no need to send sheets, pillows, blankets or sleeping bags. It is important to send bath and face towels.

Is there a discount for registering two children?

Full price for participation-NIS 7400. Two campers- NIS 7000 for second camper. Early Bird price is 6800 NIS, until February 17th, 2022.

Is the staff trained?

The camp’s staff is carefully chosen. The staff is experienced in instructing children and youth and undergoes specialized training before the camp session begins.

Are there things I shouldn’t send my child? Do I need to send money with my child?

We recommend that you not send valuables with your children. Full room and board is provided so there is no need to send money. However, if you’re interested in sending your child pocket money (there is a grocery store next to the camp), we recommend that you send no more than 250 NIS for the duration of their stay in the camp. Please do not send laptops, tablets, music players or other electronic devices. We do not allow the use of such devices during camp because they can negatively impact the experience of the fellow campers. Regarding cellphones: On the first day of camp all cellphones will be collected and safeguarded by the camp staff. On Fridays, campers will receive their cellphones for a few hours in order to call family and friends before Shabbat.

How Can I Contact My Child During Camp?

All emails to campers should be sent to: OR mail2camper+girls@ouisrael.orgYou must include your camper’s first and last name in the subject line. Please do not send any photos. They will not be printed.
In addition, in an emergency you can contact the Camp Dror Project Director by phone at 050-202-2085