Previous Staff Members

Boys Camp Staff

Amichai Zivotofsky

Amichai Zivotofsky is 17 years old, and is one of four children. He lives with his family in Efrat, where he is studying chemistry and film as his megamot in Neve Shmuel.

He is a madrich in Ezra (boys in 5th and 6th grades). This will be Amichai’s sixth summer at Dror. He was a camper for four years and a staff member last year.

Ariel Gastfraind

Ariel is called Gast by most of his friends. He lives in Moreshet with his family, which includes one brother and three sisters. Ariel is a student in Hispin- so he really feels at home in camp.

Ariel has been a madrich in Bnei Akiva and is currently a Kominar in Oz. He was the counselor for the Disco Dinos group last summer in Dror.

During his free time, Ariel enjoys hiking, playing guitar and raising animals- including spiders, scorpions, snakes and parrots.

Eli Brafman

Eli is 18, and the youngest of four siblings. He lives in Efrat with his family. Eli recently graduated from Neve Shmuel, where his megamot were Israeli studies and outdoor science.

Playing guitar, sports, drawing and listening to music, are all favorite activities of his. ELi likes all types of music, but mostly classic rock.

This is Eli’s seventh year at  Dror. He has been to Dror four times as a camper, then twice as a junior counselor. He is excited to return again as a counselor!

Ephraim Odenheimer

Ephraim is 17 and lives in Efrat, where he studies at Derech Avot.

This will be Ephraim’s fifth summer at Dror, and his second as a staff member. He is also a madrich in Bnei Akiva.

Ephraim plays football for the Judean Warriors in the IHFL.

Kobe Ben-David

When not in Yeshivat Orot Yehuda in Efrat, Kobe splits his time between his mom’s house in Tekoa, and his dad’s house in Neve Daniel. Art is Kobe’s megama and also a favorite hobby of his.

He is a madrich in Bnei Akiva and also in ‘Mashatzim’. Kobe has been a camper at Dror for four years.

During his free time, Kobe enjoys playing music, drawing and dancing.

Michael Kutliroff

Michael is 17 years old, and lives in Alon Shvut in Gush Etzion. He studies at Chorev in Jerusalem. Michael is the middle child between two sisters and two brothers.

Playing basketball and football, painting and reading are among Michael’s favorite ways to spend his free time.

This is Michael’s seventh summer at Dror. He was a camper for four years, junior counselor and last year he was a counselor. Michael looks forward to returning to camp this year and reuniting with the kids that he knows and also meeting new kids.

Moshe Shapiro

Moshe is 17 years old and lives in Hamilton, ON. He studies at Skokie Yeshiva in Chicago where he is also on the Yachad High School Board and helps plan Junior events.

Moshe is planning on spending next year studying in Israel at Yeshivat Hakotel. This will be his first summer at Dror.

Netanel Kahn

Netanel is 17 years old and lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh. He is an 11th grader at Yeshivat Ahavat Yisrael. He has been volunteering at עת לעשות for the past two years.

During his free time, Netanel loves playing and following sports and playing the guitar.

Netanel has worked as a counselor in Kee-Tov Day Camp. This will be his first year at Dror.

Noam Samson

Noam is 17 years old and lives in Efrat. He recently finished 11th grade at Neve Shmuel, where he is studying physics and history as his megamot.

Noam was a camper at Dror for four years. He volunteers at Shalva and is a madrich in Bnei Akiva (8th grade). During his spare time, Noam likes to play and listen to music.

Ori Pelzner

Ori is 17 years old and lives with his family in Shaarei Tikva. He studies communications as his megama in 11th grade, at Yeshivat Maarav HaShomron Elkana.

Ori was a camper at Dror for two years and has served as technical assistant for three years.

During his free time, Ori enjoys playing basketball and soccer. He loves listening to music.

Shaya Bar-Levav

Shaya is 18 years old and is from Brooklyn, NY.  He is currently studying computers as his megama in Yeshivat Shaalvim as part of the Naaleh program for international students.

Shaya enjoys listening to music and is planning on making aliyah on his own soon. This is his first summer at Dror.

Shlomo Klein

Shlomo is 17 years old and lives in Efrat. He studies computers as his megama in Orot Yehuda.

During his free time, Shlomo enjoys playing sports like football and basketball. He also likes playing piano.

Shlomo was a camper at Dror for three summers. This is his first year as a staff member.

Shlomo Lipman

Shlomo Lipman is 21 years old and from Bet Shemesh. He is the oldest of 4, and a former Golani commander. This year, Shlomo is studying as a shana dalet student at KBY and is a madrich there. He has been involved with camp Dror for 4 years- two years as a counselor, and while in the army, came back to visit.
Shlomo loves to have fun and make people laugh, plays music, dances and sports and is a member of the Israel National Baseball Team.

Tal Bar-Levav

Tal is 19 and is from Brooklyn, NY. He is currently studying at Rabbi Fischer’s Yeshiva in Moshav Matityahu.

Tal, and his brother Shaya, will be joining Dror for the first time as counselors.

Tom Rochberger

Tom is 16 years old and lives in Tel Mond. He is the youngest child of four, with three older sisters.

Tom studies in Meitarim High School in Raanana. For the past few years, he has been studying photography and he really loves it. During his free time, Tom is a madrich for Bnei Akiva (4th graders).

After three years as a Dror camper, Tom is excited to be part of the staff.

Yacov Segal

Yacov is a 16 year old Oleh Chadash from Melbourne, Australia. He made aliyah in 2016 to the Gush Etzion yeshuv of Alon Shvut.

He is the youngest of 4 siblings and is currently studying Eretz as his megama at Yeshivat Netiv Meir. During his free time, Yacov enjoys playing and watching (mostly Australian) sports. He also enjoys writing.

This will be Yacov’s first summer at Dror and he is excited to be a part of it!

Yehuda Rubak

Yehuda is 17 years old, lives in Efrat and studies in Neve Shmuel. He is a madrich for children with special needs.

Yehuda enjoys all sports like running, football, baseball and basketball.

Yehuda has been a camper at Dror and this is his second summer as a staff member.

Yossi Strauss

Yossi is 16 years old and lives in Tsfat. He made aliyah when he was 4 years old.

Yossi is a madrich for Bnei Akiva (grade 8) and has been at Dror for five years.

During his free time, Yossi enjoys hanging out with friends, playing sports and hiking.



Girls Camp Staff

Ahava Helfenbaum

Ahava is from Toronto, Canada, and is the second of four kids. She recently graduated from Ulpanat Orot High School and is planning on going to Lindenbaum for seminary next year.

Ahava loves NCSY, yellow Laffy Taffy’s and singing.

This is Ahava’s second summer at Camp Dror.

Ahava Statfield

Ahava is 16 years old, lives in Maaleh Adumim, and studies in Tzia Yetziratit, where her megama is art.

Ahava has been a camper at Dror for two years. She was a madricha for Bnei Akiva for fifth grade.

During her free time, Ahava enjoys hiking, dancing and swimming.

Ariella Rosen

Ariella is 20 years old and the oldest of ten children. She made Aliyah 10 years ago with her family and they now in live Efrat.

After 2 years of sherut leumi, Ariella spent a year learning in Midreshet Nishmat. Ariella will be”h starting nursing school in August and be”h will be getting married in December.

In her free time,  Ariella loves to hike, cook/bake, play basketball and be with friends and family.

Chana Averick

Chana is 16 years old and lives in Beit Shemesh. She attends Oriyah High School in Alon Shvut, where her megama is theater.

Chana is a madricha in Bnei Akiva and enjoys spending time with her chanichot. She also enjoys baking in her free time.

Daniella Spero

Daniella is 18 years old and lives in Beit Shemesh with her family, which includes 4 younger brothers. She recently graduated from Ulpanat Ahavat Yisrael .

Daniella loves dancing, traveling and cooking!

This is her first summer in Camp Dror and she can’t wait!

Eliya Goshen

Eliya is 20 years old and from Kfar Pines. She is completing her second year of sheirut leumi in Los Angeles. Previously, she has been a madricha in Bnei Akiva.

Sewing, dancing and enjoying nature are among Eliya’s hobbies. She enjoys listening to older music- especially army bands, Ehud Banai and Shlomo Arzi.

Hannah Wein

Hannah Wein is  18 years old, lives in Jerusalem and recently graduated  Horev with a megama in Chemistry. She is the oldest child, with five younger brothers.

During her free time, Hannah enjoys dancing, music and traveling, especially in Northern Israel and by Machtesh Ramon.  She has been dancing since she was young and is participating for the third year in a professional jazz group.

Hannah was a camper at Dror for two years and worked as a counselor last year for girls going into 8th grade. In addition, she has also been a counselor at dance camps and other day camps.

Kayla Weissman

Kayla Weissman is 17  and from Moshave Sde Ilan, but dorms in Maale Adumim. She has 6 siblings, and is the second to oldest.

Kayla used to be a counselor for kids with special needs in the youth movement “״כנפיים של קרמבו .  Her main hobby is music- she loves playing guitar, piano, ukulele, singing and writing songs. Additionally, she enjoys art, hairdressing, photography, math and hiking.During her free time, she loves hanging out with friends and making food.

This will be Kayla’s 6th year in camp, but her first year as a counselor. She’s always loved Camp Dror tremendously and is so excited to be a part of the staff this year.

Kira Eisenberg

Kira is 17 years old and one of five children. She lives with her family in Modiin. Her megama is biology, which she is studying in Chorev in Yerushalayim.

During her free time, Kira loves to dance, listen to music and SLEEP!

This will be Kira’s second summer as a counselor and her fifth year at Dror overall. She is really looking forward to coming back and seeing everyone!

Leora Waltuch

Leora is 17 years old and lives in Raanana, where she completed 12th grade. Next year, she is planning on attending midrasha.

During her free time, Leora enjoys dance and art.

Leora has been a camper at Dror for several summers. She can’t wait to be part of the fun as a counselor this year!

Liora Levy

Liora is 18 years old and lives in Yerushalayim. She studies biotechnology as her megama at Chorev.

During her free time, Liora loves dancing and reading. This will be Liora’s second summer as a madricha at Camp Dror and she is very excited to be back!

Maayan Tzur

Ma’ayan just finished eleventh grade at Katz Yeshiva High School in Miami, FL.  Last year, as a student in Israel, she studied biology as her megama and continues her study with AP Bio now in the US.

Ma’ayan was a camper at Dror for one summer and last summer participated in Dror Leadership.

During her free time, Ma’ayan enjoys gymnastics, dancing, and arts and crafts.

Merav Lustman

Merav is 19 years old, and lives in Chashmonaim with two younger siblings and amazing parents. She graduated last year from Ulpinat Chorev and has been learning this year in Midreshet Lindenbaum,  before drafting into the IDF!

Merav loves traveling, swimming, playing guitar and dancing. This is her first summer in Camp Dror, and she is really looking forward to having an amazing time!!

Miri Berzon

Miri is 17 years old and lives in Beit Shemesh, where she studies graphic design as her megama at Ulpenat Ahavat Yisrael.

Miri was a camper last summer in the Dror Leadership program. She volunteers at Et Laasot- an organization for special needs children.

Dancing is Miri’s favorite hobby. She also enjoys listening to music with a great beat.

Orly Stark

Orly is 17 years old, lives in Raanana and has 7 siblings, 4 of whom will be at Dror this summer! She studies biology as her megama in Ulpenat Lamerchav.

Orly has been a camper at Dror for four summers. She is also a madricha in Ezra for Arazim- children with special needs, and has been a group activity leader at her shul.

During her free time, Orly enjoys working out with her friends.

Rebecca Babitz

Rebeccy is 16 years old and lives in Silver Spring, MD, where she finished 11th grade at Yeshiva of Greater Washington.

She has been a camper at Dror for the past three summers and this is her first time as a staff member.

Rebeccy enjoys photography, acting, baseball and Broadway shows. She has written and directed a show for a group of 25 girls between 7th and 10th grades.

Rivka Gopin

Rivka is 19 years old and lives in Beit Shemesh. She is the oldest of three children, and spent this year studying at Midreshet Danielli. In September, Rivka will start a year of sheirut leumi.

In her free time, Rivka enjoys dancing, playing basketball, playing the piano and eating mint chip ice cream.

Rivka has been a camper at Dror in the past and is excited to be part of the staff this summer.

Roni Finn

Roni is 16 years old and lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh. She is studying art as her megama at Ulpanat Gila.

Roni was an Ezra madricha and is excited to join Dror for the first time.

During her free time, Roni enjoys art, reading and listening to music. She is also a volunteer at Et Laasot.

Sara Gordon

Sara is 16 years old and lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh. She is the only girl among four brothers. Graphic design is Sara’s megama at Ulpanat Ahavat Yisrael.

During her free time, Sara enjoys playing guitar, volunteering and spending time with family and friends.

This will be Sara’s third summer at Dror, her first as a staff member.

Sarah Werner

Sarah is 17 years old and the youngest (and only) sister of three brothers. She studies in Tzvia Yetziratit where her megama is art.

During her free time, Sarah enjoys photography and dancing.

Sarah was a camper at Dror for two years.

Shira Rubel

Shira lives in Ramat Beit Shemesh with her parents and three siblings. She is studying chemistry as her megama in Ulpanat Ahavat Yisrael.

Previously, Shira has attended Dror as a camper. She is an Ezra Harama madricha (grade 6).

During her free time, Shira loves to bake, play piano and ukelele.

Shoshana Chalom

Shoshana made aliyah to Chashmonaim, where she still lives today. She studies at Chorev and is planning on attending Migdal Oz next year.

Shoshana had worked as a madricha in shevet Yuval in Bnei Akiva snif Aleh Yerushalayim, with children with special needs. This will be Shoshana’s fifth year at Dror.

During her free time, Shoshana enjoys baking (and eating!) all sorts of cakes and cookies.

Tal Rozenblum

Tal is 17 years old and lives in Modiin. She is a 12th grader at Ulpanat Orot Modiin, where she is learning towards her megama in social studies (psychology and sociology).

Tal was at Dror for two years. She has also been a madricha for Bnei Akiva (3rd-4th grades).

Tal loves meeting up with friends, playing guitar, reading and especially singing!

Tali Kahn

Tali is 18 years old and lives in Beit Shemesh. She is a recent graduate of Ulpanat Ahavat Yisrael. Next year she will be doing sheirut leumi at Kfar Shira, a school for girls at risk.

Tali enjoys nature, water and sports. She especially enjoys talking with people and making them happy.

Last summer, Tali was a counselor at Dror and loved it so much, she had to return!

Tamar Mayer

 Tamar Mayer is from Ramat Beit Shemesh and just graduated 12th grade from Ulpanat Ahavat Yisrael, where she studies biology as her megama.

She is the middle child of 7 and recently became an aunt. 

During her free time, Tamar enjoys baking, playing guitar, volunteering in Shalva and in hospitals, and especially spending time with friends and family.

Yonina Novick

Yonina lives in Chashmonaim and learns in Chorev, where she is studying towards a megama in physics.

Previously, Yonina has been a staff member in Camp Nesher and Camp All-Star.

During her free time, Yonin likes playing guitar (and eating cookies!)